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Google Leaderboards in Latitude Checkins

Remember Google Latitude? do you know, that service embedded inside Google’s Maps application that not solely provides you a real-time update of precisely where your friends are, but additionally permits you “check into” locations that you are visiting?
If you do not use it currently, maybe you will be. Slightly additional features inclined to sign in currently that Google’s engineered alittle gaming part into the app. the most recent update to Google Maps on the Android Market adds a leaderboard part to Latitude. Check into a location and you will be taken to a leaderboard screen that shows you what number points you have accumulated for all of your varied check-ins that week. New check-ins get two points; repeat check-ins get one point.
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tIDE Java ide


Tide is a small but very powerful tool for java development. The ide itself written on good java, which means you can expect stability and performance possible with this programming language. Well, close to the business:

tIDE is a full featured opensource Java integrated development environment (IDE), distributed under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). Continue reading “tIDE Java ide” »

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Hoster story from good to bad

Wanted to share my pain. I changed so many hosters in my professional life, but always see the same thing, at least with those that introduce good value for money: their services are sooooo amazing at the beginning but starting from the second year, you get more and more trouble related as to hosting itself as to support of clients. So annoying when you get good and talkative guys suddenly convering into silent ghosts that you can never get answers from. Some ppl are making the name for their hosting services and then sell the business to some jerk without an idea about running the server. Uh, I hate this, ratherpay more money for the great support.

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Google analytics show traffic drop.


As many of you know, organic traffic is auto-populated in Google Analytics reports using a default search engine list curated by Google. It is also possible to add smaller search engines manually into the tracking code snippet, using the _addOrganic method ; but it’s nicer when Google does it for us.
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