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Android Launchers that I liked

I have Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone and I’m one big flashagolic. I feel, sometimes addicted to flashing new roms, specially when new interesting version of official firmware comes out. Anyway, sometimes there is nothing to flash, no new firmwares, no new exciting roms. The only option to satisfy your addictive mind is installing new launcher. Yes, it is possible to install new theme on existing launcher but new functionality is more attractive to me than a new look. So, when I flashed recently released Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3) firmware on my phone I decided to find new launcher as well. All launchers below are those that I tried during last week or two. I actually tried more but typing too much is not my thing.
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Enable USB mass storage on Android 4.0 ICS Samsung Galaxy S2

Oh no, USB mass storage is gone on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Samsung Galaxy S II. We should be able to use USB storage mode when enable USB debugging in Gingerbread. But it is not working on Android 4.0.3 ICS Samsung Galaxy S2. I have 2 options ~ Media device (MTP) and Camera (PTP) modes to choose only. No worry, USB storage mode is still available on Android 4.0 ICS Samsung Galaxy S2 but located in other place…How to enable USB mass storage on Android 4.0 ICS Samsung Galaxy S2?
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Top online css tools

CSS tools are necessary for web coders because they resemble a kinda magic lamp that might simplify the task at hand. Most development instruments are time rescuers that are there for helping coders make fashionable, useable and optimized sites with a few shortcuts.

CSS instruments and generators come in such multitude that a designer can opt from a scope of them to make their tasks go smoother. Here is the number of around 50 useful and handy CSS tools and generators that developer should know about. Enjoy!.
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Hidbid is a totally free eBay auction sniper web application that positions a bid on your behalf, for one to schedule, in the last few (determined by you) seconds of an auction. Sniping helps spare money by keeping your bid intentions hidden, not forcing unwanted attention from other possible bidders to the item that you are interested in. When sniping with Hidbid, you don’t need to be at your computer when the auction ends, no need to even have your laptop or computer on, helping you save time. Smart auction bidders know how important to bid once, late in an auction. Take it one measure farther, and let Hidbid’s machine driven system handle it for you!.
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SocialClerks: get social networks work for you

SocialClerks is a Social Media Interchange web site and community . Using SocialClerks, you are able get Free Twtiter Followers, Facebook Likes, Google Plus Ones, Digg Followers, Youtube views and Website views by doing the same to others.

How it is Workings.

Signup Login. Like View +1 etc Other Webs site.
Get Credits.
Get Likes Views +1 s etc from other fellows member.
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