Android Launchers that I liked

I have Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone and I’m one big flashagolic. I feel, sometimes addicted to flashing new roms, specially when new interesting version of official firmware comes out. Anyway, sometimes there is nothing to flash, no new firmwares, no new exciting roms. The only option to satisfy your addictive mind is installing new launcher. Yes, it is possible to install new theme on existing launcher but new functionality is more attractive to me than a new look. So, when I flashed recently released Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3) firmware on my phone I decided to find new launcher as well. All launchers below are those that I tried during last week or two. I actually tried more but typing too much is not my thing.

Go Launcher Ex

This is the launcher that I used since I had galaxy s phone, so, for over two years. I can say a lot of good things about this launcher and can recommend it to everyone. I believe this launcher is leading project on android market. I used a lot features of gestures, search in drawer, recent apps panel, folders, and themes. Themes are the most known feature of this launcher. If you make a search for launcher on google market you will get dozens of themes for go launcher and only after them you will see the list of other launchers. The best thing is this launcher is free.
However, when I moved to Android 4 I noticed serious lag in desktop folders, and I decided to look for alternatives.

Apex Launcher

This one is my new choice. It has even more gestures available from the desktop, has interface of real ICS, smooth, fast, no lags, also sorting apps by recently used. Has some lack of features that I used to have with Go launcher, like folders organizing (compensated by one of folder widgets from market), drawer search (only google search), themes. But I believe this launcher has very bright future and this is the closest alternative to Go launcher.


Also very beautiful launcher with very good alls organizer in drawer and has side drawers which can be used the same way as dock. Has a lot of beautiful themes, looking a bit like iOS mixed with some MIUI themes. Well, definitely a go for those who liked MIUI launcher. Lack of gestures and iOS looks didnt satisfied me, and I had to move on.

TSF Shell

Here I can only say WOW! This is new concept of launchers. Smoothness as I never experienced, features that you never find in any other launcher. Folders organizing and stretching to open them are features that I liked the most. Well, it is amazing eyecandy feature-wise. Interesting to see future development. However, this unusual interface will take time to learn, and this launcher is designed more for show-off than for work – e.g. you cannot make dialer appear without making at least two clicks. The major drawback of this launcher is the price. Probably it is most expensive launcher on the market. See video of TSF shell

Full screen launcher

I liked the way desktop works but this launcher was not what I need. Maybe in future in will be nicer and more functional, but now it is more like eye candy. A lot of features are spared for PRO version.

Gaya3d launcher

Also known as TS launcher. Has nice feature of gestures, but to use it you need to open special window, so geastures are not available on the main screen, about two clicks needs to be done to get to gesture window. Under bright sun, when difficult to see the screen, to use gestures is not that easy. Otherwise this is very simple launcher.

Espire launcher

Probably the best iOS mocker. Has it’s own task manager, search is called with the same gesture as in iOS, folders are almost the same as iOS. Well, iOS is not my thing, sorry.


Probably the most configurable desktop I ever seen. No app drawer, one of the desktop pages serves that purpose, no folders as we know them, rather desktop pages can be created and apps can be add to those pages. Every page has it’s own name, and can be linked from the main home page. I would probably choose this launcher but when I add two widgets on the main page, this page became very laggy.

MXhome launcher

There is nothing special about this launcher, but the first page, which can serve as a lockscreen, it has large clock, which moves when you tilt the phone, it has beautiful animation and practical links on it. A few themes available from the market. Apps organizing present.

NetFront Life Screen

Nice launcher with unique features like bottom dock made in form of the wheel that you can turn with you finger and actions on that wheel are bringing content on point action, no click necessary. I liked this launcher but it looks like it doesnt want to work with latest Android.

Of course there are more launchers but… as I mentioned, I’m not typer.

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