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How to whipe Skype from Windows 8 system

skypeRecognize this wonderful logo of Metro styled Skype app? yes, this app goes by default with Windows 8 generation OS.

However I usually use desctop Skype software and finde Metro style annoying. At least this is my personal preference.
Two days ago my 9-years old hacker decided to install Skype by following one of online tutorials and the tutorial of course suggested to install metro Skype. Well, my hacker set the new skype for his account and when I found this out I wasnt happy. I did Uninstall Skype from metro desktop and uninstall my desktop version of skype, thought I got rid of it for good but the very same evening I’ve got a call from one of son’s friends through metro interface (!”#%&)  I realized that metro styled skype is not that easy to get rid of. After googling for a bit I found solution:

How Search Works

How useful do you think to know how Google search works? I believe it is essential if you want your site or site of your friend or site of your church/organization prosper and bring the fruit.

Let’s say you have a website that gives information about event that you are leading and you want as more people as possible to know about this event and subscribe to it. You made a questionnaire about source of knowledge about event among later visitors and found out that only 10% has come to your event via website,  what a disaster! you had only 10 people registered to event  and only 1 got to know about it through the website! You start to look at site’s statistics and find that only 5-10 people visiting your site during a day, there are definitely more people that you come across on daily basis then your site has visitors! Why is that so? because major source of all visitors is search engine. Search engine indexing your pages and returns results while person looks for words related to your event theme. But for some reason when someone makes search in Google, your event’s promotion appears on the page number 24 (for example) Regular user of internet would NEVER go that far, people look through 10 pages at max, the rest are lost for their attention.

Extend support of Windows XP

winposreadyAs you might know by now, the Windows XP official support has discontinued from 8 april 2014 but not everything is as simple as stop serving on billions of machines using windows XP as the main operational system. Many corporations that hold service terminals, would have to spend enormous mount of money to update their computers to the new required level.

Interactive man pages

Lets imagine the situation where you need to see man page of one of the commands but you dont have Linux machine to access quickly or let’s imagine that you simply forgot what is number of permission for chmod command for ‘rwx’ statement. Here you can get this quick help online, even little form to convert ‘rwx’ into number or opposite direction:

MySQL: #1146 – Table ‘xxx.xxxxx’ doesn’t exist

errorSometimes you get this type of error when you just changed the hoster or moved your database files physically to the new location:

#1146 – Table ‘xxx.xxxxx’ doesn’t exist

This error usually comes up when you try to import your data into database and your sql file that you import, has CREATE statement. Nothing scary. The folders containing files of your databases in /usr/local/mysql-x.x/ should have 755 permission BUT files inside of those folders should have permission 644.

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