Interactive man pages

Lets imagine the situation where you need to see man page of one of the commands but you dont have Linux machine to access quickly or let’s imagine that you simply forgot what is number of permission for chmod command for ‘rwx’ statement. Here you can get this quick help online, even little form to convert ‘rwx’ into number or opposite direction:

Good bye Ubuntu One

downloadUbuntu decided to discontinue it’s cloud service ubuntu one:

We are sorry to notify you that we will be shutting down the Ubuntu One file services, effective 1 June 2014.

It is no longer possible to purchase storage or music from the Ubuntu One store. The Ubuntu One file services apps in the Ubuntu, Google, and Apple stores have been removed.

Dropbox introducing Carousel

Blog-Screenshot-Mock1All favorite cloud Dropbox introduced a new service called Carousel. This is a gallery that contains photos and videos uploaded by users in their dropbox accounts. Well, see yourself if you like this development.

The news are published on Dropbox blog and here is extract from the article. Read all here .

We’d like you to meet Carousel: a gallery for all the photos and videos from your life. It combines the photos in your Dropbox with the photos on your phone, and automatically backs up new ones as you take them. Carousel sorts all these memories by event so you can easily travel back in time to any photo from any date. And unlike other mobile galleries, the size of your Carousel isn’t constrained by the space on your phone, which means you can finally have your entire life’s memories in one place.

Load tests with AgileLoad

AgileLoad is very nice tool for webmaster or should I say, for web developer who is working hard to make some script to do certain stuff on the web. I will not go too far in my examples but believe me I really could describe how to test the script for running internet banking system… Well, let’s keep it simple and say you are developing your very own script for running internet shop. This type of business is really popular nowadays and many developers are concentration on developing web applications in this e-commerce, direction. Now, one of the issues that developer has during this process, is how to test the script, how to find out how the script will behave in real life? Of coarse you dont want to introduce your “alfa” script to the serious customer, you wouldnt want it to work on your own site either. To test how the script will behave under heavy load you need to go one of two ways – 1. have hundred friends around the globe, who would agree to run some same task on your new script, in the same time. 2. get the other script simulate behavior of your hundred friends. I dont know how about you but I would definitely go the root number two. Even though I have all those friends, which I really do, I would have a big problem to gather them around computer and log into my script, and do some same action there. I wouldnt also be able to see exact issue insight with graphical presentation, that would make my development corrections so much easier.

Internet money

Today I want to describe a few different ways of earning little and little bigger money over the net. First I want to mention that all described services are legal and proven to pay. However, I didnt receive cash from those services except stocks. Well, lets see what is out there available to satisfy our need in quitting smoking (the mount of money earned is about enough for one cigarette box a month)

Here can be your banner, contact me about conditions.