Load tests with AgileLoad

AgileLoad is very nice tool for webmaster or should I say, for web developer who is working hard to make some script to do certain stuff on the web. I will not go too far in my examples but believe me I really could describe how to test the script for running internet banking system… Well, let’s keep it simple and say you are developing your very own script for running internet shop. This type of business is really popular nowadays and many developers are concentration on developing web applications in this e-commerce, direction. Now, one of the issues that developer has during this process, is how to test the script, how to find out how the script will behave in real life? Of coarse you dont want to introduce your “alfa” script to the serious customer, you wouldnt want it to work on your own site either. To test how the script will behave under heavy load you need to go one of two ways – 1. have hundred friends around the globe, who would agree to run some same task on your new script, in the same time. 2. get the other script simulate behavior of your hundred friends. I dont know how about you but I would definitely go the root number two. Even though I have all those friends, which I really do, I would have a big problem to gather them around computer and log into my script, and do some same action there. I wouldnt also be able to see exact issue insight with graphical presentation, that would make my development corrections so much easier.

Closer to the topic – there is a script checker that simulates load of simultaneous actions by users. This software called AgileLoad. You start the program and insert name of the test, as well as URL of your script. Then you do approximately the same actions, in open browser window, as you would do recording a macros. You simply do the action that you expect each user do on your site, then you set the number of users, the time they spend working with your script and start the test, you will get very precise description of your site behavior under the load of the number of users that you set.

The thing is that 47% of your customers expect web page to load in 2 sec. 40% will leave your site if the page will load longer than 3 sec. 1 sec. delay will cost you loss of 7% revenue from your site. That is real statistics and I wouldnt close my eyes on these results. Every web application, that is designed for the load of users, need to be optimized for that load, and AgileLoad is designed exactly for this purpose.

Web developer, take a look at this tool. Read more from http://www.agileload.com

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