Nexus 7 from my point of view

I still remember the tine when 286 processor with 4kb memory and 100Mb hard drive were TOP of the market and price of those desktop computers was $1000 and more. Who would know that now we have devices with 1000s times larger processors and memory in… OUR POCKETS!! Google is very productive this year, new devices like Nexus 7 and Nexus Q media player are hitting the market as well as new version of Android OS called Jelly Bean. But of course the main of all those is new tablet Nexus 7. The most recent version of Android OS plus very low price (less than $200) make this device great alternative to Amazon Kindle Fire and iPad 2.


For tablet for $200 Nexus 7 looks very stylish. In most of tablet you see
shiny display with black frame around. This one has mate frame that looks
like metal, but, in reality, made from hard plastic. The bottom side of the
gadget (in portrait mode) has micro USB port connector for headset. And on
the right side (in portrait mode) located volume control and power button.
Above the screen, as usually, found little front camera. Size of the tablet
is 198.5 x 120 x 10.5 mm Weight 340g. In general Asus made very nice
product with good design. Maybe not the most original device but definitely
better than other tablets in the same price category.
The tablet has 4-core processor with frequency 1.5Ghz, 1Gb ram and 8 and
16Gb of internal card. The 16Gb version cost about $50 more. There is no
slot for external SD card, and the back panel of Nexus 7 is not opening at
all. Tablet has Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11 g/b/n, GPS chip, NFC, gyroscope
and accelerometer. Front camera 1.2Mp, no other camera available, there is
no application for camera and you wont find one on the play store either.
Front camera is just good enough for video conferencing on Skype or
Google+. Nexus 7 doesnt have 4g or 3g support, the size of memory is very
small but it wouldnt hinder this device to become same or even greater tool
among it’s colleagues, even iPad.


Nexus 7 has LCD display 1280 x 800 px with cover “Corning glass”, which is
better version of Gorilla glass. The display shows good picture of text,
very comfortable to read with very good angle view, the picture is better
than one of new iPad but not as good as Galaxy Nexus.


With the help of Android 4.1 and, so called, “Project Butter”, which
improves smoothness of operating the device, Applications are openning and
closing quickly. 3d games designed for Tetra 3 looking beautiful and
smooth. There were reported some lags while screen-capturing and some
reporting that while switching between home screens, window can move to the
side and return back to the current screen. But both of those can be just a
local issues.

Battery life time during test runs, was giving not bad results. In small
tests, with surfing internet all the time, battery lived for 6 hours. While
watching videos, playng games, loading processor, battery life will be
worth but still good for device of this category.


Nexus 7 from Google is excellent tablet. This is the first tablet that can
be recommended to customers not just for the good price but for advanced
technology also.This is beautiful, powerfull and useful product with loads
of nice qualities that makes us feel this device cost way more than $200.


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