REMOVE PROFILE FROM ODNOKLASSNIKI.RU was a nice idea and good website at the beginning, but later on the service became somewhat semi-free. If you would want extra protection of your profile you would have to pay, if you would like to write a special note to someone special, you would also be required to pay. Well, there is nothing wrong in payments, but those payed types of services are usually free on other social network sites.

Recently we started to see some security issues rose up in relation to this site – someone just hacked my account there and removed all my personal photos, personal infos and placed someone’s name and photos instead. But the major disappointment was ahead – I couldnt remove my profile, there was no option like that. After some time of searching the web on this topic I found solution and publish it here in case someone else want to get rid of this pseudo service. You need to log in your account at odnoklassniki and add following line in URL , then press enter and follow the requirements in appeared window.

Now I’m off odnoklassniki and have sorrow feeling that I lost connection with some people I found there, but the feeling of freedom is stronger, and I;m happy that I found this simple solution to remove myself from this junk service.



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