The sponsorcar is designed for those living in Sweden, having a car, and whilling to use their car to generate some income from comersial placed on the body of car. Here is what the site tells about itself:

Looking for more campaigns where you get free tickets to for example a play or a concert? Would you like to eat at a restaurant without paying? Get a prepaid card to talk to?

As most of you know, SponsorCar Sweden is in the startup phase of business formation. It is a very exciting phase, where anything can happen and where YOU can have a voice in the future for us!

Do you have a wide network of contacts and a keen eye for a bargain, do not hesitate to seek work as a freelance salesman at SponsorCar. We are currently looking for vendors across the country!

The most important thing is not what you’ve worked with before, but you are positive and are easy to talk to new people.

Please email me and tell me about yourself. Please write a letter so selling as possible. Imagine that you are the product – how do you do to make me want to “buy you”?

As a seller of SponsorCar you get a fun day, filled with lots of meetings where you meet männsikor from all business areas. Another good thing is that it is YOU that decides how much you will earn! SponsorCar gives you a very high commission of 50% of everything you sell. Your job has you on the domestic basis, but you are always welcome to Denmark if you would rather it!


Here can be your banner, contact me about conditions.