Firstly what is swarl – this is abbreviation for Shortwave Amateur Radio Listening. The internet site is dedicated to SWL (short wave listening) hobby and this is the hobby of great number of the men and women everywhere. Maybe you gave attention and saw 2 or 3 big transmittings aerial up on the roof of some residences or on the tall stake. Well, this is the 1st sign of amateur radio hobby. I can privately tell you what is happening thereunder immense transmitting aerial – there is a guy or lady sitting with his her little radio transceiver, mic, headset, and maybe a telegraph key for Morse transmitting. I trust i didnt write too many unfamiliar words for you to corrupt your interest. Well, now, when you think about that picture of the guy with the radio, think on following little bit of information : The Amateur radio operator only permitted to have transmitter which transmits with very little power, in very narrow band, and on narrowed frequencies. With all those preconditions radio operators are able to communicate with others like them everywhere throughout the world and even with space expeditions.

Now appealing part, There is no need of special permissions for listening radio in your own little radio shack, you can be SWL (see above) with no payments, well, except the price of radio naturally. Now, the basic point of this hobby is to “catch” that long away standing or uncommon individual radio station and exchange a nice postcard with it as a verification of the work of that station at this particular time. This little card is called QSL and if you make google search for that word you will find great number of images of those cards from really uncommon places like Vatican station or North Pole or South pole, or even space platform. After all this hobby is very close to the hobby of fishing, and the price of the radio set is comparable to the price of fishing gear.
Hope I explained the basic principles of the SWL hobby and here is the internet site that may help you to begin with this hobby : http://swarl.org.


Resource site: swarl.org

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