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Future of Adobe

Here it is, the future of famous software by the eyes of it’s creator. Adobe uploaded the video of future concept of image/video editing software. I believe this can be reality already in 2 years what do you think?


Do you have Drupal/WordPress/Joomla etc. powered website? did you ever try to create a theme of your dream for it? do you find it complecated? well, in case you didnt know, there is very nice program to do the job for you in very visual way, the program called Artisteer (all reference links are below this post) The Artisteer does excellent job but it has major drawback – it’s not freeware. To say more, the prices are way to high for regulare site owner. I think prices are designed for profecional webdesigners BUT, these profecionals should be able to write even better sites using other commercial products, more suitable for variaty of jobs.

Here can be your banner, contact me about conditions.