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New engine – WordPress

Today I decided to move this site to WordPress. For those who wonder what was my previous favorite – it was Drupal 6 The reason of updating to the new engine was mainly lack of time to take care of Drupal. I’m webmaster of 5 websites right now and there are two of them are already on WordPress, one is in process. I have developed a few useful plugins for WordPress and will put them into Download section in very close future. I like the way WordPress takes care of most routine of webmaster’s job, very straight forward programming of theme and plugins, very large community of developers, and huge library of free plugins. WordPress 3.x introduced multisite feature, the lackofwhichwasbig issue for some webmasters to implement wordpress on their sites. Well, the fact is that the site that you see right now is done on wordpress. I might write more on WordPress but not today… want to sleep badly.

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